Love is…

Parent carers told us that one subject area that they would like to have the opportunity to talk about and understand better is around friendships and positive relationships. The forum grabbed the opportunity to work jointly with Dudley Voices for Choice a brilliant self-advocacy group for people with learning disabilities.

The session encouraged people to consider what a relationship is and what elements make it positive. We heard from Vince, Jo and Andrew and Neil and Sharon who all shared their personal journeys of very different relationships.

“I loved the phenomenal stories of people defying the odds for their love” parent carer

It started some really useful discussion about how even now people still believe that if you have a disability you shouldn’t be in a relationship. By listening to the different experiences shared it became really clear that relationships, friendships and love are very different for everyone, but what is clear is how much joy it brings and how much of a human need it fulfils to have positive relationships in everyone’s lives.

“This session changed opinions on my own morals. Am I protecting others or myself?” Parent Carer

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