Dudley SEND Peer Review

In January 2018 Dudley SEND Improvement Board invited the Local Government Association in to act as a ‘Critical Friend’ and carry out a peer review.

The results of which can be read here Dudley SEND final feedback 260118 (2).

Specific areas of focus for Dudley include:

• Understanding of the SEND agenda across partners and significant stakeholders, and delivery within organisations

• Understanding of the cultural shift required towards greater co-production with children and young people and their parents / carers

• Understanding of the continuum of need and appropriate responses at different levels

• The shift towards greater inclusion of children with SEND within mainstream provision

•An assessment of the quality of Education, Health & Care Plans (EHCPs)

Recommendations include:

• Ensure Golden Thread to all improvement plans, and strategic simplification so understandable at operational level
• Implement systematic, multi-agency audit learning from the approach from safeguarding
• Ensure that the whole SEND workforce is competent to deliver the Code of Practice requirements and your aspirations for inclusion
• Consider the benefits of joint local authority and health combined budgets and commissioning
• Whole Life Disability Service – re-think governance, risk and planning phases Develop an effective and evaluative SEF, involving and understood by all stakeholders
• Build on the progress made by practitioners to simplify the EHCP form and annual review process to deliver better outcomes
• Develop a transparent process for EHCP decisions, using the Panel to identify themes and trends to support commissioning going forward
• CCG to consider if the DMO has sufficient capacity to discharge responsibilities effectively