Parent carers are the cherry on the cake!

I have just finished the 2017/18 annual report and once again I am blown away by how incredibly generous parent carers are with their time, energy, passion, commitment and honesty.

have a look at the report here wtfc annual report 17 18

We are now in our fifth year and still our parents are committing over 300 hours to influence services that affect their lives and the lives of their children and young people. Parent carers through the forum have attended over 32 strategic meetings where they have been heard and collaborated with professionals.

Once again we have built on the success of previous years and increased our reach with over 2,182 views on our website, 240 followers on twitter and 169 followers on twitter.

None of this would have been possible without the support of the forum parent carers especially the steering group who have been there from the start and are still hanging in! They inspire me every time I have the privilege to be in their company.

Georgina Homer your honesty, intelligence and your tenacity is something to behold!

Jessica Tinsley where would we be without your calm and soothing nature

Rebecca Dingley thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow and for bringing all sorts of creativity.

Linda Crockett what you don’t know is not worth knowing! really appreciate your many hats and varied experience round the table

Tina Cartwright I love the way you tell it like it is and hold that SEN improvement board to account!

Claire Powers thank you for the strategic view point, the organisation, and the project management skill you bring!

eating cakeParent carers for me are like cake! I’ve never met one that I haven’t liked and after being with them I am smiley, satisfied and fuzzy inside and I am always left wanting more!

I can not wait to see what the rest of 2018/19 brings!

You are all AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!