The Extra Mile Award

The forum has been talking to parent carers about what makes the biggest difference to their lives. They have told us that one of the things that makes a difference is when professionals take the time to understand their children and families and what is important to them, this can include taking time to listen, making them feel welcome in the community or doing things that show their child is valued as an individual. We know that while there are many challenges for parent carers, there are also times when they receive good support and other individuals make a positive difference to their lives. The Dudley Parent Carer ‘The Extra Mile’ award recognises this and provides an opportunity for parent carers to say a big ‘thank you’.
If you would like to say thank you to somebody who has made a difference to your family let us know. Just email us with the name of the person you are nominating, their contact details and a short summary of how they made a positive difference to your life   and send it to Nominations will be discussed at each steering group meeting.

We will then send the professional an ‘The Extra Mile’ Thank You certificate and share your ‘thank you’ on our website and in our termly newsletter.
Award Winners

Elizabeth Wilkins – Direct Payments Officer with Dudley MBC’s Children’s Disability Team

Liz is thanked for her positive impact on the lives of parent carers and their children. Parents said;

“It feels like through all the upheaval over last 2 years Liz has help keep the team together”
“She been there for me and my family from day one”
“She’s been wonderful with providing support for me and my son with direct payments”

Helen Ellis – Dudley MBC Early Help

Helen is thanked for her positive impact on the lives of parent carers and their children. Parents said;

“She goes above and beyond”
“She set the standard for others to follow”
“She just nice and genuine and actual gets it.”

Greg Southall

Greg is thanked for the time and the commitment he gives to young people with SEND. Parents said;

“He is an amazing person the sort of person you would like to encourage other people to be like. He is really kind and takes time with our young people. He does ever such a lot of extra work in his own time”